Premium fries. Extra crispy coated fries. Gluten free and with thicker coating. Highest quality potato varieties, which have...
Sticks of Mozzarella cheese in a crispy bread crumb coating. Aviko Appetizers are made of the best quality...
Premium extra thin cut french fries with natural potato starch coating which give fabulous crunch along additional holding...
Highest quality potato varieties. Gluten free wedges with spicy coating. Great for sharing platters, combined with Aviko Appetizers....
Made of potatoes, pre-fried in vegetable oil, quick frozen and packed. Crispy on the outside and soft on...
Potato soufflé with cream and Emmental cheese. STORAGE: Freezer
Potato soufflé with broccoli. STORAGE: Freezer
Premium extra thin cut & longer french fries. Fries with outstanding plate appeal, amazing taste and great yield. Perfect as...